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Safety should be a priority for your place of business, no matter the industry. All jobs are different and as a result, so are the work conditions. Obtaining workplace safety means the right equipment, tools and accessories. Optional Solutions, LLC has everything you need to keep the construction worker safe. Whether you’re searching for hard hats, eyewear, safety vests, work gloves or first aid kits, you’ll find it here. These are our niche products, so you’ll quickly learn our high-quality, dependable safety gear will keep your employees safe and secure.

Keep Work Safe with Our Safety Equipment

Hard Hat / Head Protection
Protect your head with the ANSI rated full-brim hard hats; the Fas-Trac III Suspension and Staz-On Suspension. They come in numerous colors and you can have them customized with a name or logo on the front and rear of the hat.
Safety Glasses – Radians
Protect your eyes from the sun and other hazards with the RADIANS safety sunglasses. If you work outdoors safety sunglasses are important year-round. The damaging effects of U.V. rays can occur no matter what time of the year. Reflection of light from snow and water can cause additional hazards and increase glare or exposure. We have one style of safety glasses in two colors: Smoke and In/Outdoor. ANSI compliant. You can also customize your eyewear with a name or logo on both sides of the glasses.
Safety Vest  
Protect yourself and remain visible. Wear hi-vis yellow/lime and orange safety vests. This protective gear is designed for a variety of uses on and off a job site. Safety vests that feature silver reflective stripes meet ANSI class 2 and class 3 ratings. We offer four safety vest styles … popular styles include surveyor, mesh and two-tone. You can also customize your vests with a name or logo on the back of the vest.
Work Gloves
Designed to keep your hands protected, work gloves are made from a variety of durable materials. These materials on our glove includes natural leathers, cotton and latex rubber. Work glove offers different protection and some have ANSI or cut-level ratings. They are an important safety accessory and can prevent injuries as well as improve work performance.
First Aid Kit
Provide a quick, handy storage solution for minor accidents and medical emergencies. This first aid kit is encased with a cabinet housing for secure, organized storage of all first aid supplies. Steel cabinet with 4 shelves provides ample, organized storage space. Cabinet measures 21-1/8″ x 15-1/8″ x 5-1/8″. Convenient door pouches allow storage of smaller items. Perfect for medium to large industrial work settings. Meets ANSI Z308.1-2015 standards.

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All of our items are customizable. We can add your company logo to any of the safety equipment supplies shown above. If you are interested in learning more about adding your company logo or branding to any of your safety equipment, contact us today.